KANZAMAN : Production service & tax rebate

YEAR : 2018

PRODUCERS : Lund Larsen, Christian Potalivo

DIRECTOR : Magnus Millang

ACTORS : Magnus Millang, Emil Millang, Amalie Lindegard


The estranged brothers, Emil and Magnus, travels to Spain to bring home the body of their drunken and now dead father. But what Emil doesn't know is that Magnus only has agreed to go because of his father's valuable Rolex watch, which can save his bleeding economy. But when it turns out that the transportation of the body costs more than DKK 70.000, convinces Magnus his reluctant little brother to run away with the body hidden in a roof box on top of a way too small rental car. Soon the two brothers find themselves on a wild escape from the police and their fathers last trip forces them to face their own problems.